Achievement of specific objectives:
For each MERKIS seminar, the trainer, in co-operation with the management of a company, sets specific objectives in terms of knowledge, processes and teamwork. These objectives are the primary ones to be achieved during the seminar. In addition the following objectives can be achieved:

Advanced team building:

  • Common intellectual difficulties, which are dealt with, season the group and make it a team.
  • An understanding of business processes and common terminology are created within the team.

Improved internal communication:

  • Internal communication problems are resolved during the course.
  • Team members gain an understanding of the specifics and importance of the work done by other employees of the company (especially of those with whom they are in conflict).
  • MERKIS promotes better decision making by helping individuals see how their decisions can affect the performance of others and the organization as a whole.
  • MERKIS excites the competitive spirit and the drive to excel in the market.

Understanding finance:

  • People crystallize the financial implications of business decisions by linking them to cash flow and bottom line performance.
  • MERKIS instills financial accountability, and, simultaneously, the will to deliver the best quality to the customers.

Testing business strategies and scenarios

  • It is possible to adjust the setup and scenario of MERKIS in order to reflect the real challenges the company is facing in real life. This enables the company to test strategies and play out possible life scenarios in the seminar, thus making mistakes in the game and avoiding them in real life.

Value to the chief executive

  • MERKIS gives the opportunity to test employees in different situations and to see their true nature. (When playing MERKIS, it is impossible to hide real feelings and attitudes - people show their true selves and natures).
  • Managers can motivate their employees by sending them to a MERKIS seminar (if they present it properly) – it is really inspiring and motivating.