Fremont Partners with NTI to Host Merkis Training September 6-7

Fremont Investment & Loan will host the Nordic Training International Merkis program in a two day training program for facillitating decision making abilities, team building, and communication skills September 6-7 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Brea, CA.

The two day event is a real-time business simulation in which participants,organized into teams, compete with one another marathon-style as they manage a simulated company in a reality-based business environment, experiencing six years of business activity in 16 hours.

"We're very excited to be doing our first Merkis training in the U.S. with a major player like Fremont Investment & Loan," says NTI CEO, Ugis Strauss, who will be personally supervising the training along with  U.S. Director of  Training, Dee Kinder. NTI previously successfully demonstrated Merkis in a special session March 30 to the Fremont executive training team headed by VP of Corporate Learning and Development, Rick Daly and Toni Johnson, Mgr. of Leadership Development.

Fremont Investment and Loan, with more than $10 billion in assets is a subsidiary of Fremont General Corporation, an industrial bank holding company whose common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "FMT."(NYSE: FMT).

2006-07-01 "Industrial and Commercial Training" has published the article about the MERKIS game

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2005-03-01 NTI participated in “American Society for Training & Development 2005 International Conference and Exposition”

2004-11-25 NTI delivered 2 successful MERKIS demo sessions on both coasts of the US.

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