When playing MERKIS, I had with me 8 of my employees and 4 partners and acquaintances whom I had persuaded to join in. During the game, I made a number of specific discoveries. I realized what issues should be worked on. I saw how people must be allocated for serious big projects, where and when we could do it ourselves, and when we had to associate with partners. I started seeing it all very clearly.
Wendy Bonsteel, General Director of "Daring Designs”


The training helps prevent many errors: in spite of certain particularities of the situation, people usually play exactly as they would in real life. The difference is that in everyday life such behavior passes unnoticed, it is automatic whereas here it is analyzed by the person themselves, the trainer, as well as the other team members. As a result, you understand why you took this or that particular step. It becomes possible to select a more effective behavioral pattern, to supplement one's arsenal with new approaches, and to better anchor oneself in real life.
Andrew Smith, Director of "Celestial Candy" company


A wonderful team atmosphere, the result exceeded my expectations. I learned the principles of team-making, business process, communication, results; I mastered the skill of viewing the development of an enterprise as a whole, the positive and negative sides of such development; I acquired interesting ideas for developing a company of my own. All this knowledge is 100% applicable and can always be expanded further.
Keith Cloutman, Director of "Jobs Plus" company


It is better than any other kind of training. I saw myself from a different perspective. I think somewhere along the line a strategy emerged. I got a sense of direction; I understood the interplay system and decision-making framework.
Charles Kolberg, Director of Corporate PR, "Sunny Shores" agency


I squeezed 10 years into 3 days! I started treating business as a game. Finally. Excellent!
Andrew C. McKenna, Director of "White Bird" restaurant


I obtained the skills of describing and implementing business procedures… learned different approaches to the enterprise development strategy.
John T. Mount, General Director of "Daris Enterprises”


The sheer amount of knowledge is vast and may be applied in any firm striving for profit, growth, and stability. Now, I am certain that a team has immense power, one only has to plan the strategy, and motivate people.
Ed Kinna, Director of "InterEuro Foods"