The basic MERKIS set contains 2 MERKIS kits (cases)  with all necessary supplies, a CD with ready-to-print role descriptions and handouts, MERKIS trainers manual and a license agreement. It allows you to run MERKIS training for up to 17 people.

Contents of one MERKIS kit

  • 2 "factory" plants.
  • 14 pieces of production equipment made of plastic and metal parts.
  • Containers for finished products, raw materials and production waste.
  • 4 packages of 200 colored beads representing raw materials and finished products.
  • 6 pairs of tweezers.
  • "Uniforms" – specific for each role.
  • A working collapsible wooden railway transport system.
  • 4 battery powered locomotives and 6 cars for transportation.
  • 2 sets of laminated MERKIS technology cards.
  • MERKIS timer.
  • MERKIS money set.


MERKIS documentation

  • Participants' documentation
  • Game overview and general information.
  • 11 MERKIS role descriptions.
  • Game forms.
  • Contents of the participants’ personal work material.
  • Instructions on delivering the MERKIS seminar
  • General scenario of the seminar.
  • Instructions on leading the game for trainers.
  • Possible specific scenarios of the game to be played.
  • Instructions on delivering the theoretical material of MERKIS
  • Seminar preparation instructions for trainers
  • The full game stock list.
  • Instructions on setting up the MERKIS seminar room.
  • MERKIS marketing materials
  • 100 MERKIS booklets.
  • CD with the ready-to-print booklet of MERKIS.
  • 20 minute video presentation of MERKIS.
  • Sample proposals to customers
  • PowerPoint presentation materials of MERKIS.

Additional MERKIS kit

  • If you have purchased MERKIS and need to deliver a seminar to larger groups, you can purchase additional kits.

Additional MERKIS parts

  • We will supply you with any additional MERKIS kit spare parts.