What is MERKIS?

MERKIS is an effective communication, business process management and decision making game that is employed to teach Teamwork, Communication skills or to give participants an Enterprise-Wide View on how the company functions.

MERKIS is a real time business simulation, during which the participants, divided into several teams, manage simulated companies in authentic business environments as they compete against one another.

MERKIS can be used as a safe training and testing site where the participants can test and enhance their business ideas and company’s development strategies before practical implementation at the company. 

MERKIS – The process and elements of the game.


  • The game MERKIS takes place in the training room, where the participants manage the simulated company through the total process of sales development, production process and quality enhancement.
  • The simulated company is being managed over the course of several "years", thus providing the participants with the possibility to see the results and consequences of their previously made decisions as well as understand their impact on the simulated company’s future activities.  

Teams and roles

  • The teams of 5-7 persons usually take part in MERKIS. Each team manages its simulated company and competes against the other. 
  • In the course of MERKIS every participant is assigned a certain position at the company and has to play his/ her role (everyone is eligible for promotion).  

The participants develop and implement the following elements of the company’s strategy:

  • Company’s values, mission and vision.
  • Long-term objectives of the company and plans on how to attain them.  
  • Sales and product strategies.
  • Production, new technologies implementation and logistics optimization strategies.   
  • Human resources management strategy.
  • Financial management strategy: long-term budget and investment plan. 

In the course of the game the participants make the following key decisions:

  • Increase production speed.... or improve the production quality?
  • Take a loan.... Or earn the money?
  • Fight against competitors.... or try to cooperate?
  • Make everyone responsible for everything.... or distribute responsibilities?
  • To purchase raw materials.... or invest in new technologies?
  • Be a leader.... or to be a team member?
  • Make a lot of money this year.... or think in a context of long-term profits?
  • Pay more attention to strategy....or tactics?

MERKIS structure.

  • The game provides effective combination of practical and planning activities with theoretical material necessary to master the proper skills and acquire knowledge.  
  • MERKIS is a powerful tool due to the fact that the participants do not have to wait till the end of the training to assess the mastered skills – they can use those skills right away during the “subsequent year” of the ongoing simulation game, thus achieving rapid and effective ongoing training. 
  • The participants, passing from the “first” year of the simulation to the subsequent ones, have a unique opportunity to analyze their personal behavior strategies, as revealed in the course of the game, and, if necessary, change them.