Program Results:

  • Understanding the functioning of a company as a whole
  • Understanding the importance of work done by others and inter-dependence of different company departments
  • Understanding your role in the company
  • Experience 6 years of managing a company
  • Objective feedback from colleagues on your behavior, with the opportunity to analyze it and introduce changes if necessary.
  • Skills to
    • Make correct strategic decisions
    • Define company/ team mission
    • Set business goals and achieve them.
    • Plan enterprise strategy
    • Introduce internal procedures at a company.
    • Manage changes smoothly.
    • "Think out of the box."
    • Efficiently manage team processes

3 days

Work Methods 

Participants take part in 6 years of MERKIS experience, the main goal of which is to get the big picture on how the company operates. For this purpose the theory part of the seminar focuses on company strategy – for each topic covered participants are asked to use it in developing their “game companies”. Participants are asked to develop their company’s 6 year strategy and implement it, thus receiving fast feedback on their decisions. In the game scenario, specific strategic challenges occur that are possible to solve only with the help of the learned concepts.  Also trainers, peers and third party regular feedback is targeted towards decision making and strategy so that everybody can learn from each others success and mistakes. Participants change their roles at least 3 times, allowing them to see how the company works from 3 different perspectives.

Program Contents 

  • Strategic decision making. Decision making cycle: research, generating options, comparative analysis, decision making, implementation. 
  • Defining company values. What are values. How to define company’s values on the basis of the team’s values and personal values.   
  • Defining company’s mission. Elements of efficient mission statement. Defining the main stakeholders of the company. Defining the company’s competitive advantage. Development of the company’s mission statement.  
  • Defining the company’s vision. What is vision. Vision related to long-term objectives. Team vision imaging. Development of the company’s vision statement.  
  • Analysis of the internal and external environment of the company. General environment and competitive environment. Competitive advantage and how to develop it. SWOT analysis. 
  • Functional, business and corporate level strategies. How to choose a proper strategy. Developing the company strategy for the 6 year period.  
  • Company’s goals. Defining goals. Planning aimed at attaining the goals.  
  • Financial strategy and tactics.  
  • Defining business processes and introducing  procedures at the company. 
  • Human resources management. Leadership. Internal communication inside the company. Development of the employee’s loyalty.  
  • Implementation of the company’s 6-year strategy and how to control it. Analysis and assessment of the implemented strategy and corrections.