Dee Kinder

Dee Kinder is a trainer and consultant for Nordic Training Internatinal (NTI) since 2001. She is also the founder and president of Success Enterprises and N.L.P. Midwest, an international communication consulting and training company. Dee is a certified trainer of TimeMentor and MERKIS simulation products. She also delivers different NTI Sales and Management courses. Her clients include international companies, educational institutions, various government agencies, and various NLP Institutes throughout the world.  

With more than 25 years of business and sales experience in the areas of banking, real estate, insurance and securities, as well as airline and travel management, Dee bases her training on real-world experiences which she delivers with humor. She also has management experience, which provides her with perspectives from both sides of the fence. She coaches individuals and trains people at all levels of the organization.

Dee has a demonstrated ability to define problems and initiate and implement action to produce satisfactory results, having designed and run workshops and in-house training in a variety of business and communications-related subjects. She is an excellent communicator, with the ability to conduct effective coaching and training programs by relating information in a concise, usable way. She also certifies practitioners and trainers for all levels of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and is distinguished for her innovative application of this information to the business environment.

Her newest venture is as host of "Success Becomes You," a weekly internet radio talk show. Each week Dee opens her show with the reminder that "…Success has a structure and leaves clues." Dee and her guests share their success strategies and secrets with her listeners and callers.

Dee's integrity, energy, humor and support consistently invite enthusiastic participation from her audiences. Ultimately, the emphasis in all her work is on getting skills "in the muscle," rather than simply developing theoretical knowledge about the skills. When she's not traveling for work and play, Dee resides beside a beautiful lake next to the Platte River in Omaha, NE with her husband Terry and various visiting grandchildren.

Karen Bading

Karen Bading is a trainer and consultant for Nordic Training Internatinal (NTI) since 2003. She also created Infrasonics Coaching and Consulting to develop business leaders who want to expand their definition of good work and lead satisfying, balanced lives; leaders who, in the words of Peter Senge, "think with their hearts and feel with their minds."  Karen is a certified trainer of TimeMentor and MERKIS simulation products. She also delivers different NTI Management courses. Karen is a certified ontological coach with Newfield Network, a certified Syntax Consultant, and a trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She speaks nationally on a variety of topics including storytelling for leadership and change. Karen has 30 years experience with learning and change in both public and private sectors. Clients include Agilent Technologies, EDS, Rockwell-Collins, Hewlett-Packard, MCI, and the Los Angles Educational Partnership.

Karen has always been fascinated with the stories of individuals and organizations: how things are and how they got to be that way. Most of all, she listens for how the story could come out better, for possibilities even more effective, collaborative, fair and satisfying. Including not just words, but also movement, energy and emotions, Karen’s coaching, designed learning, and large and small group facilitation all aim to shift the story to bring out the best in individuals and organizations.

Fast paced and funny one moment, heart centered and quiet the next, and always informed by a quick intelligence, Karen delights in moving individuals and groups past their perceived limits into new stories of achievement and satisfaction.

Karen has a Bachelor’s Degree in English (stories), a Master’s Degree in Counseling (more stories), certification in NLP and Syntax (changing the stories). She is currently working toward Newfield Network certification in Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery (changing the storyteller and the story).

Ugis Strauss

Ugis Strauss, MA, NLP, is President and founder of Nordic Training International (NTI). NTI is an international management training organization, having a total of 5 offices both in US and Europe employing about 20 full time staff and over 35 consultants and trainers. Ugis is managing the organization on an everyday basis and moving towards his vision of NTI’s success and expansion.

Ugis is the Principal Designer of NTI’s training products. He has created NTI’s training in the fields of Leadership, Management Skills, Time Management, Presentation Skills, Team Building, Sales, Negotiation Skills, Communication Skills and Customer Service. He has also developed MERKIS management simulation trainings: MERKIS Team Building, MERKIS Communication Skills and MERKIS Enterprise View.

Ugis has a lifelong interest in games, starting with fun board games and ending with experiential activities to be used in different training. Ugis started to create experiential activities to be used in training in 2000. One of his unique creations is the TimeMentor Life Balance Board Game that teaches how to balance life, increase efficiency and manage time in a fun and easy way. This game is part of NTI’s TimeMentor Life Balance concept – a systemic approach and a set of tools to bring people’s lives back into balance. Currently Ugis is designing a board game that teaches principles of effective couple relationships.

Ugis delivered his first training more than 13 years ago. Now his bright personality, structured approach, fast pace, sense of humor and deep commitment to people’s success builds incredible results for his audiences. Ugis also delivers Trainers Training for NTI’s trainers, and is responsible for their growth and meeting NTI’s standards. Some of his worldwide customers include ABB, Astra Zeneca, Harsco Corp, Hoffman La Roche, Hewlet Packard, Glaxo Smithkline, Nordea Bank PLC Finland, Opel, SEB Bank, Telia Sonera and many others.

Ugis holds a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and a professional degree in Foreign Affairs from Latvia University, and a Masters Degree in European Affairs from the College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium. He is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and trainer. He lives in Riga, Latvia with his wife Sveta and travels a lot both for work and play.


Laurie B. Johnson

Laurie B. Johnson is a trainer and consultant for Nordic Training Internatinal (NTI) since 2004. She is also president of Innovations Communication Consulting.  Laurie comes from a diverse background of business skills and senior corporate management background. With more than 15+ years of experience in business, industry, city, county and state wide programs, her extensive travels provides her with a wealth of communication and training experience. Laurie is a certified trainer of TimeMentor and MERKIS simulation products. She also delivers different NTI Sales, Customer Service,  Management Skills and Creativity courses.

Laurie’s customized trainings are innovative and interactive to install skill based tools that are immediately applied to everyday business and personal life demands.  Her innovative approach to information is especially successful with business and industry and can be integrated into any work and life situation. This provides the participants with increased confidence in their communication abilities and the power to make positive change and not just talk about change. She presents cutting edge and contrarian business concepts designed to challenge business thinking and refocus it on the future.

Laurie coaches at all different levels of an organization to assist in defining and achieving performance goals. She does individual business performance gap analysis and management/executive coaching. 

Laurie is committed to excellence and presents new ways of looking at human potential through achievable effective communication skills.